Remote Support Provides Help Fast!

Remote Desktop SupportIf you are able to get remote support quickly when your computer goes wrong it can be a lifesaver.

You might also want instant remote help to solve a problem with something you are doing and not just a faulty computer. Download our TeamViewer Remote Support app and install it to get the instant help you need today.

Instant live remote support sessions are charged at £12.50 +vat per 30-min.

Issues that can be resolved with remote support.

A remote desktop session can resolve issues such as:

Guiding you through the buying and setup of Microsoft Office 365, including MS outlook setup with your email.

Malware and Virus removals

If you think your PC is infected with Malware or a Virus then we can fix it. Also, we may be able to remove malware and viruses but if not then your PC can come to us at no extra charge.

While using your PC we can set you up with anti-virus and malware protection software too.

Microsoft Office setup and configurations via remote support

If you want to signup to Microsoft Office 365 and get it installed and configured then we can help you. We can walk you through the signup and take care of the install with you.

Furthermore, we can help you choose the right subscription to avoid wasting money and get the software you really need. On top of that, we will help you set-up your Microsoft Outlook with your emails too and show you how to back it up safely.

Software installation or removals

Remote desktop support can also be useful for a PC cleanup such as removing lots of unused software. Because removing old unused software will free up disk space and help your PC to run better.

You can also ask us to set-up new software for you such as Adobe Suite or security software. We would always recommend using Avast Antivirus.

Learning how to do something new.

Maybe you would like to learn how to create a simple spreadsheet to add-up your household bills? How about making a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting, school or a club event?

Contact us to book a 2hour computer tuition slot for just £50 +vat