I had major problems with my laptop late on Tuesday night, and after trying to find the solution to my problem on Google, I contacted My Local IT Guy and they sorted my problems out for me remotely by logging on to my computer over the internet.

They swiftly got the problems sorted and did a very good job of it, and also tuned up my laptop too, so now it’s much faster!

They are easy to approach and were just brilliant. They worked through till 5am to sort my problems out, although I had trouble staying up that late but they didn’t, they waited up all that time to get it sorted for me.

I was very surprised when they worked through till 5am lol. Wish every company was as willing to help like this…

My Local IT Guy Customer - Iestyn Jones
Wales – Iestyn JonesWindows Platform Developer

I took two Toshiba Satellite M30 laptops the hinges of which were broken – on both. Additionally, the screen was inoperable on one of them.

The impression you get when you first speak to My Local IT. Guy, is a feeling that you are dealing with somebody who knows what he is talking about and this gives you confidence that your problem can be fixed.

It was then refreshing to find that not only did he know what he was talking about, he delivered on his word.

He also went the extra mile to do a really good job and ensure we were satisfied with his work. His approach was to keep us informed of progress made, which I found reassuring until it was finally time to collect the laptops. The hinges on both laptops were both repaired and remain sturdy, and the screen works again. I would recommend My Local IT. Guy as it is rare you come across a combination of technical skills with such customer focus at extremely fair prices.

Francis JonesEnfield

After lending my mother my Win XP laptop for 2 weeks while I was on holiday it was unusable, full of malware, spyware, virus’ etc and being mainly a Mac user I could not fix it.

“My Local IT Guy” was able to access my machine remotely and clean it up, no problems. I can now get back to testing websites in Internet Explorer malware and spyware-free! Thanks a lot guys!

Jake NobleLondon

Called for this service had a few technical problems with my wireless home network and pc running very slow.

The guy on the other end of the phone was very professional and quick to find the issues that the pc had.

Extremely quick call out and very friendly service and great prices too. Upgraded my computer memory and sorted out the wireless network. very happy will recommend him to my friends and family with any IT problems they may have.

Kevin BallCroydon

My laptop is few years old and was taking about 20 mins to start up with Mcafee basic, had no space left on the hard drive, used to freeze up when I had multi-site opened.

When I spoke with My local IT Guy over the phone he sounded very professional and advised me of the solution.

The overall repair should have taken 2 hours but it took more than a day the guy at My Local IT Guy did not charge me a penny more and reinstalled all the drives and software again.

My laptop now works as new, takes less than 2 mins to load up even with full version of Mcafee and with load of storage space. When I got stuck once the guy helped me to sort that out remotely as well. I will highly recommend this company.

Vinay MalhotraSouth Croydon

A friend of mine had his PC tuned up my them and recommended them to me, and they did it over the internet.

When I phoned this company with some technical problems regarding my computer being very loud and annoying, the person who answered the phone was very professional and dealt with my phone call very well.


I recently had to find somebody to repair the smashed screen on my laptop and having used freeindex before, thought I would give it another try after getting some stupid prices for screen repairs from PC world.

I was a bit surprised to find that when I called them, somebody actually answered the phone quickly, and was even more surprised when they offered to collect the broken laptop and arrange a replacement screen for it the same day, which was well worth the collection cost to Mitcham.

Well, it was collected on Monday night last week, and by Wednesday afternoon, they delivered the laptop back to me good as new, and it had been cleaned too.

I even got the man to sort out my virus software on my desktop while he was here, and he did that in 10 minutes without any extra charge, although I do make nice coffee.

The entire bill was less half what Toshiba wanted for a new screen on its own, and to have it collected and returned to me at home, made things a whole lot easier too. Many thanks.

Hannah StephensMitcham

Exceptional service all round, highly recommended!

Stephen WickensNew Addington

I do a lot of Computer Video Editing and needed my computer to finish an edit I was doing. My Local IT. Guy saved the day for me. I would normally have to take my computer to the Computer shop, and wait a week to get it back. I phoned MY LOCAL IT GUY at 8.10pm, and He was here by 9pm. He was brilliant he knew what he was doing, and had my computer up and running in a very short time, It`s really good to have my Computer running right and a lot faster, Thanks My I.T Guy. David Denford ( New Addington )

David DenfordNew Addington

I recently had my Laptop hinges repaired by Richard, the owner of My Local IT Guy.

The customer service I received was excellent, a breath of fresh air in today’s world! I was kept informed of the progress of the repair.

I would recommend this company for any PC/Laptop repairs

Terry WadeWesterham