I recently had to find somebody to repair the smashed screen on my laptop and having used freeindex before, thought I would give it another try after getting some stupid prices for screen repairs from PC world.

I was a bit surprised to find that when I called them, somebody actually answered the phone quickly, and was even more surprised when they offered to collect the broken laptop and arrange a replacement screen for it the same day, which was well worth the collection cost to Mitcham.

Well, it was collected on Monday night last week, and by Wednesday afternoon, they delivered the laptop back to me good as new, and it had been cleaned too.

I even got the man to sort out my virus software on my desktop while he was here, and he did that in 10 minutes without any extra charge, although I do make nice coffee.

The entire bill was less half what Toshiba wanted for a new screen on its own, and to have it collected and returned to me at home, made things a whole lot easier too. Many thanks.