Having searched the internet for a resolution to a nasty little virus we had somehow contracted (win32.downadupB) I came across My Local IT Guy.

Spoke to a guy named Richard, very knowledgeable, very sympathetic and surprisingly not a salesman! he gave great advice and for the most part free help, not being able/capable of removing the virus ourselves (and our antivirus didn’t pick it up) because of the intricate nature of our network we recruited his services.

Richard was always attentive and courteous throughout keeping us informed of the progress along the way, in no time at all he had contained the virus and began repairing and cleaning our network of PC’s

I swear our network is faster now! The costs were very reasonable and the service quick and professional, if you have got as far as reading this review you’re in the right place, reach for your wallet you won’t regret it!