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Equifax boss leaves after data breach


26 September 2017 From the section Business Image copyright EPA Image caption Equifax’s share price has fallen by more than a third since the data breach US credit report giant Equifax has announced that its chairman and chief executive, Richard Smith, is stepping down with immediate effect. The move comes as Equifax struggles to rebuild…


Momentum’s new activism app could change politics forever


Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Momentum’s new app – launched this weekend at the Labour Party’s Brighton conference – might be enraging moderate Labour MPs, but activists are hailing it as a new way to combine digital protest with real world political organising. ADVERTISEMENT is a white label conference delegate app designed by Wroclaw-based startup Meeting…


Bill Gates switches to Android phone


26 September 2017 From the section Technology Image copyright Reuters Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has revealed he uses an Android-powered smartphone, rather than a Windows one. “Recently, I actually did switch to an Android phone,” he said, speaking on Fox News on Sunday. Microsoft’s own Windows-powered phones have failed to make a significant impact on…


Social media and censorship in China: how is it different to the West?


China has disrupted WhatsApp in a censorship drive ahead of the government’s Communist Party meeting next month. It has only been accessible through virtual private networks (VPNs) at times – but even some of them are being blocked. Other social media platforms, which people in the West use every day, are also banned in mainland…


Microsoft wants to help coders take a different quantum leap


Drew Angerer/Getty Images Forty-two years ago this summer a two-person company called Micro-Soft shipped its first product. It was a version of the programming language BASIC for the Altair 8800, one of the first successful personal computers. The company is now much larger, and un-hyphenated. And it’s reprising its original strategy in hopes of gaining…


Trump’s North Korea tweet ‘newsworthy’


26 September 2017 From the section Technology Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Twitter said it would update its rules soon Twitter has been forced to clarify why it does not believe a tweet from President Donald Trump violated its terms and conditions. In the tweet in question, President Trump appeared to directly threaten North…


Use more than one price comparison site, consumers told


Use more than one price comparison site, consumers told By Kevin Peachey Personal finance reporter 26 September 2017 From the section Business comments Image copyright Getty Images Consumers need to hunt for deals as they do on the High Street when using switching websites for energy, holidays or insurance, a review has found. Price comparison…


iPhone 8 Plus review: it’s kinda dull, but that’s the whole point


WIRED If you are of a mind to anthropomorphise technology, you could almost feel sorry for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. They appeared for their moment in the spotlight, all gleaming and shiny with their new glass backs and wireless charging, ready to impress the fevered audience at Apple’s Californian HQ earlier this month….


The very best of BBC iPlayer’s new From the Archive section


Getty Images / Ian Waldie / Staff The BBC’s 94-year history of broadcasting means it has a wealth of old material in its archives. The vast majority of this is stored in the BBC Archive. Now, a huge chunk of that vintage television gold has been put on iPlayer. ADVERTISEMENT The corporation has added 450…


The hottest startups in Lisbon


Pip Pell Boosted by the arrival of the annual Web Summit conference (previously held in Dublin), Lisbon’s startup community is thriving – with healthy support from the Portuguese government. In June 2016, it created a national network of tech hubs and the StartUP Voucher initiative that gives more than 400 entrepreneurs a one-year fellowship to…