Hard Drive and Data Recovery Services

Hard drive and data recovery services can bring back all of your precious memories or hard work should your computer malfunction or your computer’s hard drive fail.

Even network attached storage drives can go wrong and the drives inside them can become unreadable or the hardware unit itself fails, leaving you unable to access your data inside.

My Local IT Guy can recover your data from just £99

If your hard drive, DVR or computer has failed then call today on 0800 7 999 360

The Hard Drive and Data Recovery process

The Data Recovery process and cost explained in 2 steps.

Drive / Device drop-off

Call or email us to arrange a time to drop-off or mail-in your drives, devices or memory cards.

We will contact you within 3 days to let you know how much data is going to be recovered and an expected total cost.

£99 for the first 99 Gigabytes then £1/GB.

Collecting Your Data

Ideally you should provide us with a drive to put your data onto..

If you don’t have a device or drive(s) for us to recover your data to then we can purchase a suitable USB hard drive to put your data on.

We will consult with you about this.

3 solid reasons to trust My Local IT Guy with your data recovery!

Recovered Data

All recovered data is stored on multi-disk safe storage to prevent any further loss.

Data Cleaning

All recovered data is scanned for viruses or malware & cleaned before being delivered to you.

Safe Data Delivery

All recovered data is retained securely for up to 30 days to ensure that your data is safe.

Common causes of data loss

  • Computer repeatedly overheating
  • Computer hardware malfunction
  • Destroyed by Viruses and Malware
  • Impact to the disk drive (Dropped it)
  • Power cut during file saving or usage
  • Total device failure (Sealed devices)

Data Security Education

Hard Drive and Data Recovery in Bromley & CroydonAs well as recovering your data, we also provide education on all the ways to protect your data. Existing web hosting customers get free advice and help to find the best solution to avoid data loss and keep their hard drives safe.

Hard Drive and Data Recovery FAQ's

Here are some answers to common data recovery queries.

Can you recover my photos from an old Archos?

Yes absolutely. Have done many of these and it’s fairly straightforward, however the process can be destructive, meaning you won’t get the Archos back in 1 piece.

How much will it cost to recover my photos?

This depends on how much data needs recovering. It costs £99 for the first 99 gigabytes recovered then £1 per gigabyte after that, per hard drive or device.

Why is data recovery not covered by your fixed fee repair?

Data recovery and hard drive recovery is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of expensive equipment. To recover 1 hard drive from a small network drive can take several days and we need to have terabytess of on-site storage space to recover your files to before transferring them to you.