Computer Networking and Internet Support

Computer Networking is everywhere. Everything we use today is connected to a network of some sort. It takes networking skills, knowledge and experience to manage and secure these networks for both business and home users.

Wi-Fi 6 Upgrades

You can call us to upgrade your home or office WiFi to the new WiFi 6 standard. We can also fix poor Wi-Fi signal in your home or office too.

Netgear Nighthawk - WiFi 6 Router

Computer Networking Security

If you want to get online and don’t know where to start then why not ask us to guide you through the process? Everything from choosing an internet provider, right up to installing your equipment and getting online and using the internet.

All setups from multi PC home users to big business with your own server room and multi PC office setup. We can get your networking or internet problems resolved, FAST!

We can also secure your wifi and broadband router remotely for you by Remote Support Service.

Broadband Setup and Security

Having broadband problems and need an expert to come out and sort it once and for all? You need your Local IT Guy

Have you just had your broadband activated, and have your equipment but don’t know how to set it? Maybe you need help securing it once it is setup? So what do you do?

Due to broadband equipment using default passwords, do you know how to secure your router?

Give us a call on 0800 7 999 360 and we can come right over and get it sorted.

Home Networking and Wi-Fi

The amount of devices connecting to the internet in our homes today is only ever increasing. Because fibre-optic broadband is now widespread, having the right kit to make the most of it all is essential.

Broadband routers sent out by internet providers today are cheap, budget kit not designed to maximize your own equipments potential.

You want fast and efficient Wi-Fi at home and work and you want it to be secure. If you don’t know how to set it up securely, you’re giving out your internet connection to everybody. Allowing your neighbours to access your internet also leaves you open to hacking too. Get in touch and we can come right over and set the whole thing up for you.

Mobile Broadband & Remote Working

Tethering your laptop to your phone is fantastic for short periods of use or emergencies. However, what do you do if you need to work all day or in a location where your phone has poor or no signal?

Taking your work with you on the road can be a big challenge. It’s not always as straight forward as tethering to a mobile phone for 8hrs straight.

What if you have a group of people that all need to share access for a day or regularly?

My Local IT Guy can help you get the right equipment and get it set-up correctly to ensure you can work remotely in a safe and reliable way without having to put another satellite into orbit.