WordPress Maintenance & WordPress Support

WordPress MaintenanceOur WordPress maintenance & WordPress support covers everything you can think of to care for your website. Because it’s such good value, most customers add it to their web hosting straight away.

All content systems like WordPress come with the same support and care needs. Due to dynamic content with many users and lots of functionality, you can’t just set them up and forget about them.

Want to be amazed and sleep better at night?

Why not have a discovery session with us to find out what can be done for you.

  • Security  

    Our website security service ensures that your website does not get hacked nor exploited.

    We setup your website security following industry best practices combined with some unusual methods developed ourselves.

    Combined with our above standard server level security and included SSL means you can sleep well at night.
  • WordFence Premium
    All WordPress maintenance plans come with WordFence Premium security.

    WordFence Premium is a website antivirus, firewall & malware protection plugin.

    Your website security is monitored every day.
  • Secure user accounts
    User accounts are then setup far more secure than any default installation and will also manage them for you.
  • Security Audits
    Checks on your website for vulnerabilities and blacklisting are done regularly to ensure your site is not being blocked by any security software.

    Should your website get blacklisted, we will deal with getting it removed for you.
  • Performance  

    Website performance starts at network & server level, incorporates things from within cPanel and our maintenance service finishes this off with tweaks, adjustments and some Premium Plugins.

    We will also audit your website and make adjustments and recommendations to further improve your websites performance and efficiency.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
    Google and other search engines are now indexing websites based on its mobile performance first.

    We will setup your website for Mobile First indexing.
  • WP Rocket Caching
    Our premium UK web hosting really makes your WordPress website fast, but we will also install and configure WP Rocket too, a premium WordPress Optimisation plugin.

    This additional speed boost is monitored and we will keep an eye on things to ensure your website stays fast.

    Just check this website with GTMetrix.com to see an example of website performance.
  • Performance Audits
    We check your website performance regularly to ensure your site is as fast as it can be at all times and fix any issues that are slowing it down.
  • Management  

    The management of your website is just as critical as its security and performance. A poorly managed website can make your business a headache.

    Our custom management allows you to get on with your day and not even have to think about your website other than dealing with enquiries that it generates.
  • App & Plugins updated*
    We update your WordPress core app and the plugins for you after testing them first and ensuring there are no problems with them.

    Whilst there is now an "Auto-update" facility for WordPress, this is NOT recommended for live websites due to the risks of live updates being uncontrolled and how easily they can crash your website.
  • Custom Login Page
    The WordPress default login page is extremely dull and if you have customers that need to login to your website, you really dont want them to see this.

    As a Pro or VIP client you will get your own customised login page made just for you and your users.
  • Monster Insights Pro
    Knowing what traffic your pages and articles are getting is critical to efficiency.

    Monster Insights Pro will allow you to understand your WordPress website usage and traffic.
  • Copy of live website
    When making changes and testing new features for your website, these things should never be done ona live website.

    Our VIPs will get a second development copy of their live website to work on, experiment with and learn on to avoid breaking their live websites.
  • WP Forms Elite
    WP Forms Elite takes contact forms to a whole new level.

    As part of our VIP plan, we provide WP Forms Elite and will set-up your WordPress forms, Surveys, questionnaires for you.
  • Monthly editing time
    Need some content updating or a picture changed?

    Included in your monthly fee is an amount of time for us to edit or update any of youre website content for you.

WP Basics

£25Per month
  • Basics
  • Monthly
  • Basics
  • Monthly
  • Basics
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 5 mins

WP Pro

£50Per month
  • Pro
  • Daily
  • Pro
  • Daily
  • Pro
  • -
  • -
  • 30 mins


£75Per month
  • VIP
  • Daily
  • VIP
  • Daily
  • VIP
  • 60 mins

WordPress Maintenance & WordPress Support Plans with Same day setup

So what is provided exactly with our WordPress Maintenance Services?WordPress Maintenance

Hopefully, the following information will give you a little more detail on what is provided with each service and plugin and how our WordPress Support can benefit you.

WordPress Plugins

WordFence Premium Security

Because website security is critical, all WordPress Maintenance plans come with WordFence Premium Security. Your website security is monitored every day.

WP Rocket WordPress Caching

Our UK web hosting already makes your WordPress website fast. However, we will also install and configure WP Rocket too, a premium optimisation plugin.

Monster Insights Pro

Knowing what your website traffic is doing is critical to your own efficiency. Monster Insights Pro will allow you to understand your WordPress website usage and traffic.

WP Forms Elite

WP Forms Elite gives you amazing contact & conversational forms, surveys, polls & payment forms that make your WordPress website very interactive.

Media Cleaner Pro

If you are regularly changing your website content, not all media you delete from WordPress gets removed from your website. Because working out what files in your uploads folder are live and active on the website can be a laborious and slow process, we take care of the whole thing for you.

WordPress Maintenance Services

Content updates and tweaks

Need a paragraph updated here and there or some images replacing? Because it only takes a minute, we can do this for you whilst checking over your WordPress Website.

We're here 7 days a week until midnight!

By using us for your web hosting, you can request updates or ask anything up to midnight every day of the year. Because we don’t close at 5pm nor at weekends!

Performance and Speed optimisations

Website performance is boosted and checked regularly, adjusting as needed to ensure it is as fast as possible. Because speed improves search rankings.

Monthly and quarterly Updates.

Updates on all WordPress and themes, plug-ins, performance and security. Furthermore, your cPanel and error logs are also checked for potential developing issues.

WordPress Security setup and monitoring

Website security will be set-up to protect from common risks and manage secure user logins for you. Should your login be used from an odd place we will call you.

Audits of your WordPress Website

Due to obsolete plug-ins, we check your website often to remove or replace any. Because this helps stop your website from breaking or being hacked.