Computer repairs in Croydon and Bromley

Need PC repairs in Croydon or Bromley? You need a Local I.T Guy to get your computer repairs sorted FAST!

Because it doesn’t matter if your PC has gone potty, your hard drive has gone haywire. Furthermore, computer repairs can fix any problem that cannot be rectified elsewhere. We do computer repairs on-site where replacement parts are not required.

If your PC repairs cannot be carried out in your home or office, it will be repaired in our office. Because we have the tools to repair anything, its quicker and saves you money. Your computer is then returned to you immediately, and set-up again, or you can bring it to us.

Professional computer repairs are our specialities. You should always get your computer back in “good as new” condition.

Computer Repairs & PC RepairsConfigure and Deliver

Ever wanted your new computer-delivered at a time that suits you, with all your data on it? All set up and ready to go? We can do this for you. To arrange a time to drop off your old computer, get in touch with us. Because your new computer can be delivered to our office and we will take care of everything for you.

100% hassle-free any day of the week, almost any time of day! For only £50!

Noisy Computers

Noisy computers can be annoying and distracting. By using specially sourced parts designed to run extremely quietly we can quieten down your computer. Furthermore extending the life of your computer too.

PC Repairs

If your computer has any of these problems then you should contact us to have them fixed:

  • Computer refuse to switch on…
  • Freezing up and crashing.
  • Making loud noises that it never used to?

If we cannot fix the problem then you dont pay a penny.

Slow Computers

Is your computer really slow and/or noisy? Is it making a loud humming noise? There are many reasons why this is happens..

Slow computers could need cleaning, relocatig, servicing, or could have faulty parts. We can take a look remotely or you can drop the computer to us to investigate the problem. Alternatively we can come out to you and take a look at it.

Looking to upgrade to Windows 7, Windows 8 or the new Windows 10?

Many windows XP computers can easily run Windows 10 with a few affordable upgrades such as memory and disk space, so if your thinking about it, let us know as we can evaluate the computer in your home / office and give you an estimate for software, parts and labour.

Upgrading to Windows 10 can be a big step for some computers, so if your not sure, or would like us to come out and check your PC, please do get in touch.

Operating system re-installations for Desktops, Workstations and Servers.

If your computer is full of errors or maybe you have suffered from a really bad virus infection, a re-installation of your entire operating system is the only way to go.

We cover all Windows operating systems excluding servers.

Computer upgrades – PC Upgrades.

Upgrading desktop computers offers so much more variety than laptops for products such as graphics cards, sound cards, hard drives, but not everybody knows what goes where, or what will fit or what will work.

So if your desktop computer needs more grunt and you dont know where to start then give us a call, we can either come to your home or login to your PC remotely, evaluate the computer and provide an estimate for you on the spot.